Lady and sir america national pageant

About Us...

Seeking to recapture the glory days of pageantry, Lady and Sir America was born. Beauty,elegance,honor and integrity being the bedrock of our organization, our inaugural pageant will be held Memorial Day Weekend 2017 in New Orleans Louisiana.

With the glamour of Old Hollywood's beautiful leading ladies and dashing handsome men, we have developed a pageant system that will showcase Ladies and Gentlemen of all ages. From pre-teen through seniors we believe that beauty is timeless and each decade will be represented and rewarded for it's achievements in Interview,Fashion and Onstage Performance.

From Romeo and Juliette to the modern day romance of Prince William and Lady Kate, we wish to celebrate couples as a part of our pageant system. We will be offering a competition for married couples to compete for the title Lady and Sir America's Couple of the Year.

Through the years beauty pageants have been the spring board for the start of many careers in the modeling and fashion industry so as a part of our pageant we will also have divisions for Lady and Sir Model of the Year.

In recent years, many have used their titles to advocate social issues of the day. While we do not require you to have a platform to enter or win our competition, we encourage you to use your crown as a microphone and your title as a voice to echo programs and issues that are near and dear to you.

Thank you for considering our competition as we look forward to your joining us Memorial Day Weekend, as we celebrate Lady and Sir America. The Hallmark of Pageantry!